function Dev(firstName, lastName) {

this.lastName = lastName.toLowerCase();
this.firstName = firstName.toLowerCase();
this.email = `${this.lastName}@${this.lastName}
this.skills = {};

Dev.prototype = {

AddSkill : function(skill) {
skill = skill.toLowerCase();
if (this.skills[skill] === undefined) {
this.skills[skill.toLowerCase()] = [];

return this.skills;

AddProject : function(skill, project)  {


let cedricDujardin = new Dev("Dujardin", "Cedric");

I am Cédric Dujardin, Junior Web & App Developer. Passionate about new technologies, I regularly work on projects in SASS, VueJS or PHP.

The purpose of this site is to tell you about my Developer journey in a fun way, I think, in order to present my different projects to you 📁.

I discovered the code after enrolling in an Html/Css/Js training. We worked there on projects of all types, and then embarked on a real hackathon in the woods: the Hack In The Woods festival 🌲.